Spend August getting clear on your brand so that you look and feel more professional, attract the right audience and communicate better.

We're gonna work on small do-able tasks each week to move you forward.

This will not be overwhelming. We all have the Summer holiday things to do. This is perfect for you to review and revisit your brand to ensure that you're on track.

Here's how it's gonna work:

Week One. Strategy.

Gain clarity on what your brand IS.

Week Two. Connection.

Know WHO and YOU.

Week Three. Visuals.

Crack your graphics.

Week Four. Visibility.

Be seen! (Otherwise what's the point?)


The field of adventure is OPEN NOW!

Be our newest BRAND CAMPER!

Brand Camp costs £10 until September. After this you'll be charged £37 monthly. Easily cancel if you just want to do the camp! I will be reminding you at the end of September.

"You've got a very natural style of putting things across. There is so much useful information, and I've been able to use it on the new businesses! It takes a lot of pressure off when you have a better ideas of what you're supposed to be doing."


In addition to four weeks growing your brand at Brand Camp, you'll also get...

A printed campers pack posted through your door to guide you through August. This is a special issue of my monthly The Explorer newspaper to help you make the most of the content.

Access to the Brand Success Club until September. The sooner you join, the more you can get out of Brand Camp! (Brand Camp actually takes place inside the Brand Success Club)


Soooooooo much. You see, branding is totally my thing. I’ve been doing it forever (well since 2007 anyway).

By ‘it’, I mean designing logos, brand identities, illustration, print work and websites fuelled mainly by tea and chocolate.

"It's made me think totally differently about my branding and has given me new enthusiasm for my brand and my business" Jackie

Over time, I’ve come to realise, that not everyone finds branding easy.  In fact, lots of business owners feel a bit lost in the woods with it all. 

I love, love, LOVE helping business owners (like you) to create a pioneering brand that you can be proud of.  (And that your ideal customers/clients will love and connect with too!) 

Ready for adventure?

Strategy + Connection + Visuals + Visibility = Brand Bravery

"You have taught me so much ref branding... it's all about the journey & developing the brand.. not getting a pretty logo and leaving it at that" Hannah